JetShear Poised for Commercial Application

JetShear, Fractal's first commercial-ready suite of technologies, dramatically reduces the viscosity of heavy oil or bitumen allowing processed fluids to move more freely in transport pipelines and thereby reduce costly diluent.

JetShear Development

Bench Scale Facility

20150707_141254Bench scale studies using a 1 to 30 barrels of oil per day system that successfully demonstrated the potential of the technology on various crudes provided by Alberta oil producing companies.

2009- 2010

Pilot Facility

P1010865Fractal validated the bench scale studies by processing  diluted heavy oil  in the field at a 300 barrel per day “Pilot Facility”.  The field performance effectively demonstrated that the bench scale results could be “scaled up” (e.g. 300:1) in a field facility.

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Commercial Demonstration Project

Demo ProjectFractal Systems successfully completed the commercial demonstration phase of JetShear in April 2015. The 1,000 barrel per day facility commenced processing in April 2014 and operated for approximately one year. Partially diluted bitumen was trucked to the site near Provost, Alberta from SAGD projects in the Athabasca region that are operated by Fractal’s partner. The goal of the project was to (1) meet processing objectives with commercial size nozzles, (2) achieve desired nozzle life performance, (3) meet facility operability and throughput expectations with no safety or environmental incidents, and to (4) achieve certain product quality targets (product stability, H2S content, acidity, and liquid yield).

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STDC Awards Fractal Partnership

IMG_8615Fractal announced in March 2015 that Sustainable Development Technology Canada awarded $3.7 million to the partnership to field trial Enhanced JetShear and Acid Reduction Process (ARP)

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Commercial Test Completion


The 1,000 barrel per day facility operated for approximately one-year demonstrating long-term reliability with commercial scale nozzles. During this period, the facility processed over 100,000 barrels of partially diluted bitumen.

All key targets were met or exceeded and the demonstration was deemed a success by the partnership.

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Enhanced JetShear + ARP Commercial Demonstration

Demonstration Project

The Enhanced JetShear and ARP demonstration project is expected to be commissioned in Q3 2016 and yield results over the remainder of the year.

The positive field demonstration of JetShear has led Fractal Systems and its partner to an expansion of the current technology platform to demonstrate increases is diluent displacement and reductions in acidity.  The new platform is called Enhanced JetShear with Acid Reduction Process (ARP)  and targets diluent displacement up to 60%, olefin content  less than 0.5 wt% and TAN levels less than 1 mgKOH/g while maintaining almost 100% yield and pipeline transportation specifications.


Creating value and efficiencies for heavy oil producers

Using JetShear heavy oil producers can meet pipeline viscosity requirements
using significantly less diluent