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May 2, 2017
JWN Energy
Former MEG Energy project director to advance commercialization of Fractal Systems diluent reduction tech

Fractal Systems has announced Dave McDougall, who most recently oversaw MEG Energy’s 35,000 bbl/d Christina Lake Phase 2B expansion and development of the company’s Stonefell Terminal, as its new vice-president of engineering.

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fractal-facility4Dec 7, 2016
Bitumen Processing Plant NE of Provost Upgrades Technology

A heavy oil processing demonstration facility north-east of Provost has been recently upgraded and is pro-cessing 500 barrels of heavy oil per day, creating a thinner oil that moves easier through pipelines.
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Commercial-Demonstration-Plant 4May 4, 2016
Bitumen Processing Testing ‘Passed with Flying Colours’

An experimental heavy oil processing facility northeast of Provost is being expanded. More testing will take place using a process that reduces the viscosity in bitumen which leads to less diluent being added to transport oil through pipelines.
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Creating Value Efficiencies
For Heavy Oil Producers

Fractal is in the business of processing /upgrading heavy oil and bitumen using proprietary technology that
has significant cost advantage over alternatives.