Fractal's commercial demonstration plant has been operating in the field near Provost, Alberta, Canada since 2011. Over 2011 and 2012 the JetShear technology platform was tested for a large heavy oil producer using a diluted heavy oil feedstock at a scale of 500 bpd.

During 2012, Field Demonstration and Technology Development Agreements were put in place with a major oilsands producer.

In 2013, a Commercial Demonstration Agreement was signed and the existing facility was modified to process 1,000 bpd of diluted bitumen feedstock. The modifications were completed over Q2 2013 to Q1 2014 and the facility was commissioned in April 2014.

Fractal's 1,000 bbl/d Commercial Demonstration Plant

JetShear Commercial Demonstration Facility

Fractal Systems successfully completed the commercial demonstration phase of JetShear in April 2015. The 1,000 barrel per day facility commenced processing in April 2014 and operated for approximately one year. During this period, the facility processed over 100,000 barrels of partially diluted bitumen that was trucked to the site near Provost, Alberta from SAGD projects in the Athabasca region that are operated by Fractal’s partner. The goal of the project was to (1) meet processing objectives with commercial size nozzles, (2) achieve desired nozzle life performance, (3) meet facility operability and throughput expectations with no safety or environmental incidents, and to (4) achieve certain product quality targets (product stability, H2S content, acidity, and liquid yield). All key targets were met or exceeded and the demonstration was deemed a success by the partnership.

Project Status

  • Successful field demonstration completed in Q2 2015


Enhanced JetShear and ARP Demonstration Project

The positive field demonstration of JetShear has led Fractal Systems and its partner, with funding from the SDTC, to an expansion of the current technology platform to further increase diluent displacement and to further reduce acidity (Total Acid Number or TAN) via a proprietary technology called Acid Reduction Process (“ARP”). The new platform is called Enhanced JetShear with ARP and targets diluent displacement up to 60% for an Athabasca bitumen and TAN levels less than 1 mgKOH/g while maintaining all other pipeline transportation specifications.

Project Status

  • Facility modified to allow JetShear and ARP operations (March - April 2016)
  • Expected to be commissioned in Q3 2016 and yield results over the remainder of the year
  • Performance objectives established with partner